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North Twin Cone Peak trip

September 29, 2012

By Rich Horiuchi

Pictures by Larry McGimsey and Cathy and Rich Horiuchi

Earlier in the week, the Front Range was experiencing quite a bit of rain and the mountains were getting snow. Consequently, I was contemplating calling the weekend trail run off. I held out, though, called the Forest Service who said they didn t think the North Twin Cone Peak area was hit very hard by the storms, and hoped for the best. On the morning of the trail ride, 8 vehicles met - Laura and Mike (and Rusty); Caroline and Mike and guests, Sue and Tim; Karen and Don and guests, Lynn and Mark; Roger and Linda; Larry; Erin and Rick; Wanda and Ray; Chris; and Cathy, Rich, and the boys - at a gas station/convenience store near Bailey, and we soon headed to the top of Kenosha Pass where the start of the 4wd road is located. We aired down there and were on our way (after the requisite pit stops and conversation).
Airing down

The road was mostly dry (but not too dusty). We soon made it to the first nice overlook and took time to enjoy the great weather and scenery. There, we met Brian, the president of the Colorado Go-4's (adopters of the North Twin Cone Peak road), and Kathy who joined us for the rest of the trail ride.
First overlook stop
Nice view of South Twin Cone Peak
Nice view of South Park

After taking a bunch of pictures, we continued on. Unfortunately, since the last time we've been on this road, the  powers that be have bladed the road through to the steep hill climb (there are a couple of sections where they have left moderately challenging alternate routes), so we made it to the bottom of the steep hill in record time (for us). We ate lunch there and then headed up the steep hill, which was not nearly as loose as it has previously been, without any need for lockers or tire spin.
Lunch spot
We continued on to the top of North Twin Cone Peak to admire the views of South Park, Webster, Red Cone, and South Twin Cone Peak.

After taking the requisite group picture (thanks Larry!), we headed on down to where we started.

Most of us gathered for an enjoyable dinner at On the Border in Golden. Thanks to all who came out - it was a lot of fun!

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