Trailridge Runners 4WD Club
Radical Hill / SOB Hill trip
"The Hill Climbs"
By Mike Moore
Eight Jeeps and sixteen brave souls met the Loaf N Jug in Golden on August 18th to head for the high country, hopefully some cooler weather, but not as cool as last year. Perry Wilson, Larry McGimsey, Mike and Laura Baker, Austin and daughter Isabelle Alverson, wife Tuan Nguyen and brother-in-law Truc Nguyen, Vic Walter, Debbie Trever, Rick and Karla Harmon, Roger Briden and Linda Giandinoto headed up over Eisenhower, down to Silverton, then to Keystone where we meet up with Rick and Erin Kilton at the Keystone parking lot.

Last Year

We headed out to Montezuma, picked up the north entrance to Webster Pass and then up Radical Hill. The weather gods cooperated and we had blue skies, plenty of sun and very little wind.

This Year

Everyone made it safely to the top of Radical although it seems to be getting narrower on that last long ridge road.

The JKs wheels were right at the edge.

At the top of Radical we had lunch while enjoying the tremendous views and visits from the animal kingdom.

After lunch we continued on to the Middle Fork of the Swan River, headed down past an abandoned but still well preserved cabin.

And then on to the much anticipated SOB Hill (sometimes called Hill 10). The nine vehicles marched right up to the top, a tribute to well built Jeeps and excellent driving by all. (Even with some questionable spotting by the leader).

We then made our way over to Georgia Pass continuing to enjoy the beautiful day and great scenery.

At the top of the pass a group picture.

From Georgia Pass it was down to the Swan River Road where we aired up then proceeded back to the Keystone Parking lot for Rick to pick up his truck and trailer (nice that it was not needed for any broken Jeeps, but nice to have it as a backup). Over Loveland Pass, then to the Buffalo Bar and Grill for a superb meal with great friends and adventurers all!