Red Cone and Radical Hill

by Mike Moore
photos by Eric Hays

On August 19, 2004 Mike Moore and Vic Padilla led a group of 10 vehicles down Red Cone and up Radical Hill before returning to civilization at Montezuma. Mike was accompanied by his friend John Hanlin and Vic was fortunate enough to have his daughter, Heather Calderon.

Along with them were Patrick and Patricia Davis with their two children , Benjamin and Samantha; Dan and Larry LeMaster; Dave and Robert LeMaster; Gail Straty; Kevin Maher; Jonathan Brooks and Peter Botts; non-member Eric Hays, his brother Kirk and mother Cheryl; and associate member Jon Matson and Susan Allen.

At the Webster Pass Red Cone Trails divide Gail decided to go via Webster Pass (going down Red Cone was not her idea of fun). The rest of us headed up toward the top of Red Cone and its 12,800 ft of elevation. On the way we came upon three jeeps, one of which had rubbed through a front brake line and had lost all its brake fluid. Thanks to Dave LeMaster and his 85 GMC truck crammed full of enough stuff to repair almost anything, we were able to get the Jeep up and running again. From there, we proceeded to the top of Red Cone where everyone made it down the steep gravelly decline without incident. Although during the whole trip we had to watch out for the never ending stream of motorcycles and ATVs.

After meeting up with Gail at the top of Webster Pass, we all went down a bit to get out of the wind for lunch and a picture.

We then headed up Radical Hill. One vehicle had to be winched off a rock and another suffered from vapor lock (this was fixed with a shot of highly flammable belt dressing). At the top of Radical Hill we all enjoyed the great views then headed home through Montezuma.

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