Radical Hill

by Adam Mehlberg

After our clubs trip to Red Cone during the Mile Hi Jeep Club All-4-Fun event we took the scenic route to Montezuma over Radical Hill. Our group of travelers headed up toward the mine below the ledge road that tops out on Teller Mountain. There is one rocky section that takes a bit of maneuvering to get through, but the best part is the ledge road that runs from the mine to the switchback before climbing to the flat top of Teller Mountain.

The view of Red Cone and Webster Pass from the top of Radical Hill road was excellent. We had some time to take in the scenery as Matt "I eat Ledge Roads for Breakfast" Nunn was meticulously aligning his wide axles to the one lane ledge road to keep from falling off the edge. As we waited we talked with a group of ATVer's that were holding at the top to let our group make the climb.

After we all made it to the top and took a few pictures we headed down Deer Creek to get to Montezuma. From there we headed back to Georgetown.

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