Trailridge Runners 4WD Club
Radical Hill / SOB Hill trip
Fall Color Run
By Mike Moore
While we did not see colors we did see sun, snow, rain, hail and sleet. But, before all that eight Jeeps meet at the Loaf and Jug in Golden along with eighteen people. Mike and Caroline Moore, their daughter Kelly and her fiancÚ Garen Behling; Mike and Laura Baker; Roger Briden and his significant other Linda Giandinaoto; Karla Harmon and her friend Sara; Richard Harmon and his friend Mack; Vic Walter and Debbie; Gene Francis; and Alan and Eileen Noland and their friend Vincent all left the Loaf n Jug on time. Up the hill at the intersection of Highway 6 and I 70 the group meet up with Don Lamprecht and his sons Bret and Mark.

Over the hill (Eisenhower Tunnel), down to Silverthorne and back to Keystone's east parking lot we met up with John and Kathy Howell, Darrel and Judy Turner and the Horiuchis, Rick, Cathy, Aaron and Jordon all of whom had trailered their vehicles to the meeting point. After airing down, disconnecting, using the facilities we were ready to head up. But with a bit of apprehension, as snow was clearly visible above tree line. What would Radical Hill look like? As we passed through Montezuma and got to the turn that would take us to Webster Pass three of the group decided to play it safe and head up Deer Creek Trail.

So, minus the Lamprechts, the Howells, and Karla and Sara, the rest of the group traveled south on Webster Pass road to the intersection of Radical Hill. While Radical was wet and muddy we made it to the top with a minimum of effort.

Unfortunately, perhaps due to the weather, there were no goats at the top of Radical. After everyone congratulated themselves for the excellent climb up, we took a group picture and then we mounted up again and headed for Wise Mountain and the cabin on top.

And, that is when is started to really snow!

So, because we couldn't see the cabin, or even the vehicles in front or behind us we decided to head down into the trees on the trail to the North branch of the Swan River to see if we could find a place for a 10-100 and lunch!

The snowed turned to rain as our altitude dropped and we were relegated to eating lunch in the vehicles. The 10-100's were done in the rain. After lunch we continued west on North Branch of the Swan to where it meets the Middle Branch of the Swan going east. We headed east and started going up again until we came to the cut off to a well stocked cabin and the base of SOB Hill.

The cabin appeared to have been occupied for the weekend and due to the size of our group there was no way for everyone to be able to take a look. So, the group stopped and walked up to take a look a SOB Hill. Now claims that if the trail is wet and muddy it may be impossible. The trail was definitely wet and muddy but that didn't stop two of our group-Darrel, followed by Vic from giving it a go.

And, during this exercise, it really started to rain. But, our heroes, Darrel and Vic made it successfully to the top. They turned around and drove it back down to rejoin the group.

From there the group continued east on the Middle Branch of the Swan until we were once again high above tree line and heading back toward Montezuma down Deer Creek Trail. Up above tree line we felt like we were in a mid-winter scene.

Arriving in Keystone, we aired up, connected up, trailered up and headed over Loveland Pass to the Buffalo Bar and Grill in Idaho Springs for a great group dinner.