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Snow Run Trip 2007, Bunce School Road
story and photos by Ray Comeau
On January 14th I lead a snow run trip to Bunce School Rd. The morning temperature was 17 above zero. Not bad considering the day before the high was only 4 above zero. The meeting place was Super Wal-Mart in Longmont, 8 Rigs showed up. David Tedder, Tim Conway and son, James Massie And son , Kerry Beach, Chip (Northern Bronco Club) Dale (Chips Friend) Rob Harmon and Myself. Gordon and Christine Howe met us at the trail head.

At the entrance we aired down and Tim and Dale chained up. I was in front. I took off in 4-wheel low 3rd gear and went about 200 yards and radioed back to tell David to head on up. One by one we all took turns going the first 200 yards. Then the fun started. Our first drift. David and I being in front had very little trouble, this is where being first on this day helped, we just made it harder for the rest. Then Dale with his Chevy truck with chains on the rear created even deeper ruts for those soon to give it a try. Even with chains, Dale worked it really hard for several minutes to get past the drifted area.

Well we continued this process for over an hour to get all 9 rigs past an area that was only 40 yards long. Being men, of coarse, we still had to continue. I went up a slight incline, which in snow seemed very steep. Again, I went about 200 yards, got on the CB to let David know to come on up. David made it. Kerry tried, but did not succeed, then Chip gave it all he had, and got stuck. Then Dale hit it hard, and got stuck behind Chip.

So, while one group was working on getting Chip and Dale (ha ha) unstuck, Tim was checking out his RPM red line on the Rubicon and with several attempts failed after hitting a 2' high track in the snow. He hit the snow so hard with the passenger side it blew his front drivers side tire off the bead. While Chip and Dale were still stuck, we worked on Tim's tire and were able to put air back in it.

Now with Dale strapped to Chip, they both came back down defeated and never tried again. James Massie then tried his luck at the Widow Maker hill, and gave it a great try, moving ever so slowly, a few inches at a time, but was defeated also.

Gordon and Christy were smart enough to head out and go home. Gordon’s words were "If I'm going to shovel snow, I've got snow at home to shovel". I think Christy was the only women in the group, and the only one with common sense. They went home leaving the ones with zero common since behind.

Kerry also blew a tire bead, but we could not air it back up due to the cold temp and the ice in the tire bead that would not let it hold air. We threw on his spare tire, which looked like it came off a Honda Civic. That only worked until we hit Hwy 7, where the Honda Civic tire was trying to rotate along side the big foot tires. It was hard for Kerry to control. Kerry’s tire we could not air up was in my Jeep getting nice and warm and it finally held air. So we put it back on.

All in all, we went about 1/8 of a mile in 4 hours. I knew it would be a tough day and it was. We had another great day, with great people in our great Colorado Mountains.

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