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Snow Run Trip 2006, Rollins Pass
photos by Ray Comeau, Editor: RaeLynn Comeau

Walking outside my front door on February 18th I could not believe how cold it was, the temperature was minus 7 degrees. I wanted to crawl back into bed, but I could not wait to begin the snow run! Since it was so cold, I was wondering how many people would actually show up. When 8:15 am rolled around my excitement began to dwindle. While I was heading to Boulder I received a telephone call from David Tedder. He was also on his way to Boulder when he ran into complications with his diesel " Ford" truck. He told me his truck stopped running in the middle of the road. Since I was one of the trail leaders I wasn't able to turn around to go back and help him. I was sad, but there was nothing I could do. It ended up that David never made it, he towed his truck home and at 5:00pm he was still unable to get his truck running.

Knowing that David wasn't going to be able to make it I continued through Boulder to the first meeting location where I met up with Mike & Caroline Moore and Gene King. The three of us ventured up Boulder Canyon and began to notice something surprising, the temperature was increasing as the altitude increased. Speaking over the CB Mike noted that is was 25 degrees. By this time we were about to enter Nederland.

To our surprise when we reached Rollinsville Greg Elkins was patiently waiting at the Rollinsville store. After a couple of minutes went by Tim and his son showed up and then Gordon Howe showed up giving us 6 vehicles.

We started up Rd 16 heading towards Rollins Pass. When we arrived to Jenny Creak we were stopped along the road for our first obstacle, the snow plows decided to bury the entrance. Being that we were all in off road vehicles the snow pile was no match, on we went. Continuing up Jenny Creek Greg E. lead the way, and went as far as he could, and couldn't go any further. Which meant we all had to back down. Gene thought he could get through it but ended up trying multiple times and had no luck. It came time where he had to winch. Gene's battery then decided to take a break. We had to use two sets of jumper cables to jump Gene's "Toyota". We repeated this 4 or 5 times because his battery would not hold up during the winching process. Gene was able to winch to a spot where he could turn around. I then used my winch to reach Gene while the others stayed behind and waited at the intersection of Jenny Creek and Rollins Pass Road. It was a good thing they waited because of all the winching, using tow straps and shoveling for well over an hour we only went 100 yards.

Have you ever heard the saying "once you pop the fun don't stop";? Well, that's exactly how we felt. We were having to much fun so we found another road and another snow drift! Once again we spent approximately another two hours trying to go threw another snow drift that was only 75 yards of the main road. By this time Tim and Mike decided to leave. We gave it all we had, lots of RPM and speed but the drift was winning, the tow straps where getting there work out. Greg E. gave it one last pedal to the metal try and again did not make it, he yelled out, "I'm winching forward".

Well you know what that means, if he gets threw, we have to winch threw. We all continued on with pride for the long 100 yard ride to only find another snow drift. Everyone looked at it with "ah" and turned around. I guess you could say heading back down our 175 yards of trail was the easy part, but we had no break downs.

After a long hard day of back country wheeling we all aired up and headed home to our families. We made good time since we made it back by 4:30 pm, but the sad part was that we only made it a total of 274 yards. The day was great because I got to spend it with friends and drive my favorite vehicle. I hope to plan a date to do it next winter.

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