Trailridge Runners 4WD Club
Snow Run Trip 2008, Bunce School Road
story and photos by Ray Comeau
On February 3rd the Trailridge Runners had a Snow Run on Bunce School road. It was one of the warmer snow runs I had lead in years. Do to warmer weather I had around 14 rigs show up, if not for being the day of the Super Bowl there could have been more. About 10 of us were Trailridge Runners, the other's were invited friends.

Like most all snow runs, it is very hard to predict what the day will be like. I was disappointed at first to see there was very little snow. But due to mother nature and windy days, there was many snow drifts. This is when I started feeling bad for those in back of the line, the front rigs took so long to get threw a drift, some of the people turned around and left the trail.

Around 3:30pm we called it a day and headed down the road. There was no break downs so the only tool used on this snow run was straps, winches and shovels.

As always, a great day with great people enjoying our are wonderful Colorado Mountains.

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