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Ladies Run to Santa Fe Peak
By Karla Harmon
On August 20, 2011, the Ladies Run started by meeting at the Loaf and Jug at Hwy 93 and Iowa St. in Golden, CO. We left the Loaf and Jug at about 8:30am with five vehicles including Bill and Polly; Mike and Laura; Jamie, Brian, Lilly and their guest Lori (Jamie s mother); Cathy and Rich, Aaron, and Jordan; and Karla and Richard then headed up Clear Creek Canyon on HWY 6. We drove up to the mountains on I-70 and before exiting toward Loveland Pass, we all pulled over onto the shoulder of the interstate so Bill could show us a memorial of a plane crash. The memorial is for the football team from Wichita State University whose plane crashed on the mountainside in 1970. Out of 36 passengers and four crew members, 31 died. The plane crashed due to pilot error. We all took a few moments to read the memorial and then continued on our way over Loveland Pass to Keystone. (Thank You Bill! You are our Spice of Life!)

At the East Keystone Ski Area Parking lot we met up with Judy and Darrel, now adding one more vehicle making a total of six. After a 10-100 and taking a little time to air down our tires, we headed up the road to Montezuma. When entering Montezuma we watched our speed and took a left at the stop sign and headed uphill on FS 264. Close to the top we all parked and took a short break before driving around the peak on the rocky narrow shelf road.

On the other side of Santa Fe Peak we descended onto the saddle area where the trail ends and stopped for lunch and to take in the incredible views. From this point what is so amazing is the 360 degree view. You can see Red Cone, Webster Pass, the top of Radical Hill, Deer Creek, Saints John, Breckenridge Ski Area, and Geneva Basin. The top of Santa Fe Peak is at about 13,180 feet. These views just really come together as if you were seeing them from an aircraft.

On the way back down we stopped on a level section of the road which overlooks Peru Creek, and from here you can see Argentine Pass, Torreys Peak, and Grays Peak. This is where we could see a roll-over down at the bottom in Warden Gulch from a couple years ago. We finished the trail and stopped at Keystone to air up and then some of us met for dinner at On the Border for some yummy Mexican food and lots of fun and fellowship. Thanks to everyone who participated in our Ladies Run for 2011! Good Job of driving ladies!

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