Trailridge Runners 4WD Club
Storm Mountain Ladies Run

by Ray Comeau    photos by Adam Mehlberg

The Ladies Run up Storm Mountain was a success. We had 17 people in 8 vehicles climb to the top of the 9,833 ft. mountain. Three Ladies drove; Linda Tedder, Roberta Boitano and Wanda Comeau all sat in the drivers seat. The weather was perfect, a little rain during lunch at the top of Storm Mountain made for a quick lunch. From the top the view was fantastic, one could view the valley below from Fort Collins all the way around to Estes Park. After lunch David Tedder, myself, Kevin Maher and Bill Boitano “tried” to climb the rock obstacle at the top of Storm Mountain, lets just say the mountain won this time. Our excuse was the rain made the rock and mud too slippery to climb on. The winches were used to pull David and Kevin up to the top. David broke a front steering u-joint, Ray broke (while Wanda was driving) a front steering u-joint on the way down the mountain. Adam Mehlberg had a strange noise in his front axle on the way up and had it unlocked. At the end of the trip when it was time to air up his air system switch was broke, so he had to hard wire the relay to get the compressor to run.

For what was to be an easy trail which is rated a 5, one would think we did a 9 level trail based on the number of breakdowns we had.

The ladies who drove seemed to have a great time. Lets see if we can get more in the drivers seat next year when we drive through Johnny Park and Pierson Park from Highway 36 to highway 7.

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