Trailridge Runners 4WD Club
Ladies Run
Sts. John and Deer Creek
story and photos by Karla Harmon
On 08/25/2012, we started the Ladies Run by meeting up at the Visitor's Center in Georgetown, CO. We left the Visitor's Center at about 9:45am with four vehicles which included Anita and Perry; Linda and Bill; Jamie, Lilly, and Brian; and Karla and Richard then headed west on I-70 to the Loveland Pass Exit.

We drove over Loveland Pass and descended down into Keystone, where we parked in the Keystone Ski Area East Parking lot, where we aired down and took our last "Real Bathroom Break". We met up with Barbara and Kevin in Keystone who had spent the night in Keystone (now they had the right idea). This brought our total to five vehicles ready to make the trip.

We drove up Montezuma Road and after entering the town of Montezuma we had to show everyone the double hole out house on the left hand side of the road and then we turned right onto FS 275. We drove past the Saints John town site and the remains of the old mill, then past an old cabin built in the late 1800's then followed Saints John Creek and the road to the Wild Irishman Mine where we stopped for lunch.

After enjoying our lunch, great views, and walking around the old mine site which had a couple of structures and another out house, we headed on up Glacier Mountain. At the General Teller Mine we stopped while Kevin was checking out a noise and making a few adjustments to his jeep. Linda was driving today for the first time and she did an excellent job driving down the very steep hills coming off of Glacier Mountain. We stopped in the bushes and took a little break and checked out the scenery around us. We turned left on FS 279 and onto Deer Creek Trail heading down into the trees with Deer Creek to our left.

Since the weather was so beautiful and Barbara and Kevin had more time to enjoy the out of doors we said our good byes to them and they turned off to explore the Peru Creek Trail. We returned into the East Keystone Parking Lot and aired up and got ready for the drive back to Denver for dinner. Nine of us had dinner at On the Boarder where we finished up a nice day of trails. We are so very proud of Linda for taking the Wheel! Bill beware! He may have to get his own Jeep! Thank you ladies for attending the 2012 Ladies Run and thank you Jamie for being our tail gunner and for helping with this trip!

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