Trailridge Runners 4Wheel Drive Club Inc.
The Trailridge Runners began in 1985. In 1987 our ranks were reduced to three, which became the officers of the club. Since that time we have slowly built a core group of members and taken steps to become more involved with the umbrella organizations of four wheeling and the public land managing agencies. The Trailridge Runners 4WD club is composed of all types of vehicles; 4Runners, Jeeps, Pickups, Scouts, Pathfinders, and all types of people; single, married, families. The interests that draw us together are the history of Colorado, the scenery of the high country, the challenge of the trail, and the companionship of others with our interests. Our goal on the trail is to get everyone through all difficult areas. We like to run our trips with minimal breakdowns, but we come prepared for these instances.

Meet some of our members on our members page.

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The Trailridge Runners explore the history and scenery of the west. We enjoy casual sight seeing trips, remote camping, challenging 4WD roads, and working together as a team. Our trips range from one day trips to week long excursions. Difficulty levels vary from fall color runs to the high Colorado passes.

Annual dues are $80. This includes membership in the Colorado Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs, Blue Ribbon Coalition, United Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs, and Colorado Off-Highway Vehicle Coalition. A printed newsletter cost an extra $5 annually. Prospective members should email

for information or attend a meeting to have any questions answered.

Annual dues for Associate Membership are $15. This includes subscription to the club newsletter and admittance to all club functions and events.

Articles and photos from members can be published in the newsletter. Preferred article media is CD, in any text format, but hand written or typed can be used. Photos can be Black and White, or Color print, or digital camera files less than 1Meg in size. Include a description of what, where, and when. All materials will be returned to the owner, with every effort taken to protect their original condition.

Click for club bylaws in .pdf format.

Click for Club Trail Etiquette in .pdf format.

Disclaimer: Trailridge Runners 4WD Club Inc. and or its members are not responsible for personal or property damage sustained on or in conjunction with club events. Please be careful.
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Last modified 10/20/12