Trailridge Runners 4WD Club
Wheeler Lake Trip
September 26, 2009
Seven vehicles meet at the Loaf and Jug at 7:30 AM on the morning of Sept 26th to head to Wheeler Lake. The group included Don Owens, Richard and Karla Harmon, Vic Walter and his friend Leon, Wanda and Ray Comeau, Patrick Davis, Greg Beery and Caroline and Mike Moore. After stopping in Fairplay for gas and other necessities, we met up with Don and Karen Lamprecht at the F.S. 408 exit off of Route 9 south of Hoosier Pass.
By 10:00AM we were aired down and ready to hit the trail. After going under the Magnolia Mill we made short work of the first and second obstacles and continued on through the valley. Although there were some challenging portions climbing up to the Lake, the third obstacle has apparently disappeared over the years.
An hour and a half after starting out at the trailhead we were arriving at the lake. There we were greeted with a couple of inches of snow and an absolutely beautiful day. Richard and Karla fished for a bit, but did not have any luck.
After lunch and fishing we returned down the trail and were back at the trailhead before 3:00 PM. We headed for Frisco for a bite to eat and some refreshments and were on our way home by a bit after 5:00 PM. Thanks to Greg for a great job leading the group.

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