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Wild Animal Sanctuary Trip
Saturday June 11th, 2011 at least thirty Trailridge Runners met at the Del Camion Mc Donald's to caravan to the Wild Animal Sanctuary near Keensburg CO.

This time we went a four PM. in hopes of hearing the growling and roaring in the evening.

When we arrived it was still nap time after the morning feeding. The tigers were all lounging in the shade of their respective water tanks completely oblivious to our desire to hear them growl and roar the evening away.

We did see the bears taking their Saturday night baths in their water tank. There were lots of bears. Everyone was out of hibernation this year. They were just enjoying wandering around their large sanctuary. The Emus that were in the same enclosure seemed unruffled by living with bears. Maybe because everyone is so well fed.

All the animals seemed to be in prime condition. If a little lethargic after the morning feeding of fifteen pound frozen blocks of especially prepared meat. Finally a lion got up enough energy to give one giant roar, after which he simply collapsed sideways with the spent energy. Mo Mo the camel in his distant private field seemed unfazed by the roar. He's probably heard it all before.

The Bolivian lions were housed in a large private tent, they are still adjusting to their new home. Hopefully they will be on display this September. Just another excuse to go back next year.

Many of us ventured to the Pepper Pod for a delicious supper. Thanks to Gale for her recommendation.

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