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Please Note:  Club trips are designed for licensed vehicles and often enter and exit at different locations. Trailered unlicensed off road vehicles could therefore violate motor vehicle laws when returning to the start. Be sure to consider this if you intend to drive an unlicensed off road vehicle. Official Club Radios are GRMS channel 19 for travel to-from an event and 5 for during an event. NOTE, subject to change by event leader.

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2022 December newsletter

Adam Mehlberg | Published on 12/7/2022
Trailridge Runners 4WD Club Newsletter
Trailridge Runners 4WD Club
Longmont, CO 80502

  December 2022 Newsletter

Club forum, email to, which will go to all TRR members
Club Business

Club Meeting

Wednesday December 14th, 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Moose Lodge #1548, 2200 Pratt Street, Longmont, CO 80501.
Open to all members and guests.

The lodge is one street west of main, between 21st and 23rd on Pratt Street. We'll be in the north hall. Folks who arrive early will need to enter at the main entrance, take the 2nd left, off the lobby, enter the middle hall and continue north to the north hall. The front door is a key card door but there is a button for the bar tenders to open the door. Those that arrive early can prop the door open on east side of the north hall so folks can park on the east side of the building and enter through that door.

Next Meeting
7:00pm to 9:00pm - Meeting
  • Introduce guests.
  • Welcome new members.
  • Treasurers report.
  • Nominations for club officers.
  • Club Express update.
  • New/Other business.
  • Vote for 2023 club officers.
  • Trip planning for 2023.
  • Review of the Middle St. Vrain / Coney seasonal closure trip.
  • Close meeting.
  • Open discussion.
Past Meeting Minutes
  • No guests.
  • No new members.
  • Treasurers report was read by Gordon H. COHVO dues have increased by $5. This will impact Supporting Memberships only.
  • Nominations for 2023 club officers:
    • President – Mike Moore
    • Vice Pres – Kathy Howell
    • Treasurer – Rich Horiuchi
    • Secretary – Adam Mehlberg
  • Discussion on including travel days in calendar for club trips that are multi-day. See article.
  • Gordon H discussed options for seasonal closure of Middle St. Vrain and Coney Flats 4WD roads. He will review the Middle St. Vrain for possible closure trip. Matt Henry of the Forest Service is lacking personnel for seasonal closure. (Ray C has planned a seasonal closure trip for Nov 19, see club calendar.)
  • Mike Cohan presented a Moab Utah trip slide show. It was a nice show on most of the trips.
  • Motion to close meeting by Greg B, second by Paula K.
  • Open discussion.
  • Open discussion.
Club News

TRR YouTube Channel

John G has set up a YouTube Channel for the Trailridge Runnders 4WD Club. It is linked on our club web site on the “Videos” page. The link is

Trip Posting on Calendar

The club had a discussion on including travel days for longer trips when posting to the club calendar. After considering different view-points and concerns it was decided that the trip leader, when including travel days in the calendar for a particular trip, would describe that travel days are included, in the trip description. This allows people to schedule lodging well prior to a trip. When possible, which trip is happening which day will be described as well. (Sometimes specific trips are planned closer to the trip event.)

Be aware that side trips are sometimes planned around multi-day trips. Some may go out early and do trips before the official trips start, or stay after the official trip and do other 4WD trips. Joining the trips Forum is the best way to stay aware of what is being planned.

Dues are Due

Dues are due for 2023. You should be getting an email from the TRR website. You can log in to the website to pay your dues online later this month. You can also pay at the November and December meetings.

Supporting Member Dues are increasing

Dues for Supporting Members will increase from $70 to $75 due to a $5 increase in dues for COHVCO.

Recent Trip Articles

  See our club web page photo albums for pictures of trip.


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